Friday, August 27, 2010

“Who Would Have Guessed???” Unbelievable Breaking News

Just like everything else in our country, new news about the iPod Touch 4G and the iPod Nano 6G, came from China. Early morning on Friday the 27th. They are actually selling the cases for the new iPods there already! (It seems like this happens every year) Ok so there were actually two photos that surfaced, one was a iPod Nano and iPod Touch case and one was a iPod Nano prototype. They are posted in that order below.

ipod-100826 Apple-iWatch

Lets start with the iTouch case. This case shows us that the iPod Touch will definitely have a more flat back but it WILL NOT resemble the back of the iPhone. It will actually look more like the First Generation Back. Also, the iPods back surface WILL NOT be the same as the iPhones, that is just the smart thing to do on apple’s part. The back will most likely be stainless steel or aluminum. Then Back of the device WILL have a camera. But there is ALOT of argument about if there is going to be a LED flash or a integrated microphone. The microphone would be the smart choice for video recording and chatting but apple could definitely use no microphone and keep the headphones with it built in for a business scheme. We all CANNOT wait for the Music Event.

As for the iPod Nano or as it has been called “the iWatch”, this is just…i guess too good to be true. The screen is the size of the the 2nd Generation iPod Nano screen. The extremely small screen is actually a touch screen! But, I really do not think that apple would take the video camera off of there Nano. Maybe they will leave the Nano alone and do nothing but memory changes and make this a new lineup, like the iWatch or something. There is going to be a clip on the back but according to sources, this is NOT and iPod Shuffle. The clip is most likely going to be able to clip to a band so the iPod can be used as a watch. Great idea, but is the world really ready for something they saw in late 90’s sci-fi films? So this is just so out there that I don’t think it’s something Apple would do quite yet. But apple has done complete 360’s before so this may be the same. As I say a lot, if apple goes thru with this device, it will be the “next big thing” and will revolutionize the mp3 player business.



Lastly, all this amazing gear Is confirmed to be introduced on September 1st. That’s right! The Apple Music Event is 8 days earlier this year and only five days from now! You can watch the event on the Apple website after it takes place. The invitational picture is on the left and usually includes some clue for this years event. But for some reason I don’t think Apple is going to be releasing any guitars (Sarcasm:).

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