Saturday, August 7, 2010

Theories on iPod Touch 4

The new iPod Touch 4 has a retina display just like the iPhone 4. Also has 960X640 display qualifying for an ultimate video and gaming experience. It comes in 3 sizes, 16GB 32GB 64BG. Pricing at $199 $299 $399, the Touch was designed to be the best MP4 player in the market today. The integrated microphone makes voice control and voice memos easier and more convenient. Genius mixed are automatically made ipodtouch_camera_july2and added to your playlists based on your music library. With the drop of the 8GB it makes it possible for all of our iPod Touch models run the same abilities so there is no inconvenience to consumers. The iPod touch 4, has revolutionized, the MP4 player business, apple has a integrated 5 mega-pixel video/still camera not only in the back of the device but we have also added a camera to the front that is behind the black fiber glass and is almost not visible. There are facetime abilities on the new iPod Touch that works thru your email address apple account. The new body of the iPod is different compared to older models but very similar to the iPhone 4.

145717-ipodtouch4b_500 Sorry for the false hope but the above was just a “wish list” for the new iPod Touch being released next month. I highly doubt the iTouch will be made to this extent but once it is released we will repost this and highlight everything that did actually happen so lets keep our fingers crossed that in September the paragraph above will be a big yellow blob!
The retina and high resolution display is likely to happen but the picture will most likely not be as good as the iPhone because apple would not want to intervene with there rising iPhone sales. The same goes for the 5MP camera (most likely around 3.2 megapixels), the integrated microphone and the template design. The integrated microphone is likely not to happen because apple is making to much money with the separate $60 dollar headphones/microphone/controls to do that. But we never know what tricks apple will have up there sleeves so all we can really do is wait and hope that the iTouch 2010 will not be a disappointment like last year.
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