Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Apple Rumored To Release New iPad and Newly Introduced Multi-touch Monitor???


Information about apple was leaked last weekend. Apple is rumored to be testing their iOS4 software on new products. I know the above picture is a little hard to understand but this is how large companies hide their upcoming hardware. But i can narrow it down for you, the first entry in the first column is “iPod4,1”. The the comma is a way to confuse people, it really is a decimal point. So that entry is “iPod4.1”. Write now the iPod Touch is running software 4.0 while this is only a list of hardware they most likely have something in common. So that entry is actually the plan for the iPod Touch 4. I am going to go off the subject a little bit but like a lot of you I am curious what the price of the new iPod Touch 4 is going to be. Hopefully this chart will sum it up:

1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
8GB-$299 8GB-$229 8GB-$199 ????????????
16GB-$399 16GB-$299 32GB-$299 ????????????
No Higher GB 32GB-$399 64GB-$399 ????????????

This is where I get stumped because the camera will not work without iOS4 and iOS4 will not work on 8GB. So either Apple brings back the 16GB or they bring the price of 32GB down to $229 and they either add a 120GB or leave the specs at only 2 sizes. Only time will tell.

Now lets go back to the point of this post :)

Now, the first entry in the second column says “iProd2,1”. Now this most likely is the code for the the iPad 2.1. This is actually pretty definite because apple’s hardware sheet last year actually said iProd1,1. While the current iPad’s are only 6 months old, apple is definitely eager to release a new one. The first version of a product is kind of the “tester”, this is true with the iPad, The Droid, iPod Nano, Touch and so much more. The current iPad is missing a lot…maybe not in the consumers eyes but most definitely in apples. Personally i would love an android option on the new iPad but that is not some apple would even consider. But the features that are more than likely are:

  • Retina Display
  • Front and Back Camera
  • Facetime
  • Smaller Screen Size
  • If apple releases a smaller sized iPad then a different outer body is likely

Now the first entry on the third column is named “UnknownHardware”, we now know what this unknown hardware is. The rumors about a multi-touch monitor being released by apple are now growing. There isn’t much to say about it but it would be the same sizes as the iMac monitors and work the same as a iPod Touch or or iPhone but with a Mac interface and software. But the question still lingers with me why they haven't made one already! Apple is usually a step ahead of every other electronic company but most of the other computer companies already have made one, now while these units didn’t do very great sales wise, apple usually takes care of that will immediate release of better versions. But maybe they don’t want to take the risk and stick with there rising selling Macs and iPhones. 

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