Thursday, July 22, 2010

iPod Touch 4 (4th Generation) New Leak

I do hate how Apple surrounds there upcoming devices with such mystery and suspense. Its genius but annoying! As the upcoming iPod season lerks closer, the so called "leaks" for the devices are growing. But i do sometimes think that these leaks may be planned as a marketing campaign, 9 of 10 leaks are fake, the most recent leak has been confirmed by Apple Insider to be %100 real (As I say alot, do not fully trust it just because it has been confirmed. The most common iTouch leak last year was also confirmed and never happend).

The leak is yet another peice of evidence that what was said at the UK's "Christmas in July" is true. It includes pictures and video of a prototype iPod Touch being used and handled. It has a front and back camera. The presence of the front camera is sure fire that the iTouch will have apple's new video calling program FaceTime. As the iPod Touch gets more and more similar to the iPhone 4 I am curious if the iTouch will be renamed this year the iPod 4 or the iPod Touch 4.

The addition of a camerais most definate, and one that would make the past iPhone cameras dribble. It would probly be used for both taking photos and video recording; something past iPod touches have not had but have really needed.I am alos expecting six other features; video chat with non-Apple users, Retina display, 3G option with iPad-style data plan, longer battery life, built-in microphone, and faster Wi-Fi. Although, a built in microphone may be to good to be true. Apple may stick with the catch of buying the special volume and music control with the inclusion of a microphone.

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