Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Its Happened

You are going to hear it here first. Apple has not let us down this year. They have refreshed their entire iPod lineup and it is in store next week. The iPod Touch has dual cameras, facetime, A4 processor and retina display. The prices of the touch are 8GB/$229 32GB/$299 64GB/$399. The iPod Shuffle click wheel has been welcomed back to the product and is now half the size of the 2nd generation. It is priced at $49. The iPod Nano is probably the most praised item coming out of the event this year. The new Nano is half the size of the old one and has a multi-touch interface. It also has a clip like the iPod Shuffle. A short, sweet and too the point post, apple has done it again.
-Anthony Franklin

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  1. so Anthony :) i finally got around to looking at this and it is great. im happy to be a friend to you and be supporting you! i wish you the best of luck, maybe You'll get published:D. bt if you get published before i do..... I'll find you :l. okay bye!

    luv vic!