Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Final Roundup of the Apple Music Event 2010

I am deeply sorry this post took so long but it is finally ready, i have been researching a lot :)

  • New iOS software made for iPad
  • All new iPods
  • New iTV

New iOS 4.2 Software | “It’s all about the iPad”

ios4_2iOS 4.1 hasn't even been released yet (the current software for iPhones and iPad’s is version 4.0.2), and iOS 4.2 still isn’t coming till November-but Steve Jobs thought it couldn’t wait. The upgrade will bring the iPad up to speed with the latest user look and app innovations that have been available on the iPhone for many months. Wireless printing has finally come to the iPad and is expected to result in a large boom from consumers. Airtunes name was changes to Airplay because as Steve Jobs said "We’re changing the name of Airtunes to Airplay, and it’s not just music anymore. You can stream all kinds of media anywhere in your house.” All the features of iOS4, including folders, multitasking, and more will also arrive when it's released in November. Also, Apple announced the upcoming release of iOS 4.1, which will fix many bugs and bring some new features to the iPhone 4. The biggest new feature is the support of High Dynamic Range photos (HDR). This is new imaging software that takes three photos in fast succession-one normal, one under-exposed and one over-exposed. It then combines the three to give you an better image.

The iPod Touch 4th Generation | “A new way to touch”

The long awaited iPod Touch 4th Generation was finally announced. All the features include facetime, music, mail, voice control, voice memos, retina display, movies, TV shows, safari, maps, accessibility, app store, photos, youtube, HD video recording, still photos, home screen, gyroscope, iTunes, game center and built-in Nike-iPod. Also available for purchase at the app store are iMovie and iBooks.

Yes its true, apple finally did add a camera to the their beloved iPod Touch. The front camera is made for Facetime, apple’s new video chat network that now runs over wi-fi. The rumors that there is no still camera on the new iTouch are false. There is in fact a HD video camera and a still camera. The new iPod now just in took over %60 of apples sales last Monday. I have no choice but to also say the bad news about the new iTouch, although there is a still camera, apples dirty little secret is that the camera is only 0.7 mega-pixels. It is sad and frustrating but when you hold the new iPod it is unbelievable that they fit a camera in this in the first place! It is a ‘wopping’ 0.28 inches thick, it is the smallest MP4 player in the world.

My next post will be a review and HD video camera test with the new iPod, because I am awaiting for the shipment of my iPod’s now.

Other iPods introduced are the new iPod Nano and Shuffle (Pictures on the right).


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