Tuesday, September 28, 2010

iOS 4 Nike+iPod Problems

So, I’m all ready to go out for my run this morning, so i start my nike workout on my iPod Touch 4th Generation (Review coming soon) and I walked in circles for about fifteen minutes while my iPod tried to detect my sensor. I finally gave up and ran without it. But i was frustrated. I was wondering why the sensor wasn’t detected when it was so quickly detected the night before when the two times I tried. I researched for about an hour and I found the similar problem was happening with all iOS4 users. The iPod would detect the sensor the first couple of times but after that it would not detect that at all. I have addressed apple on the situation but it seems as if they were notified about it a long time ago but nothing has been done yet. The good news is that the problem is NOT a HARDWARE problem, so it can be fixed with a simple update released from apple. But they need to be aware of this issue so if you are having the same problem please call apple support and “act” like your a expert and make them aware of the issue. Apple won’t jump over a few reviews but they sure will over a few hundred!


(P.S. I have received the new iPod Touch and the review will be coming soon along with a HD video test)

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